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Starjet Aviation SA Route des Ronquos 146, 1950 Sion

A short piece of history

More than anything, Starjet Aviation is the story of Nicolas Ducommun, born and bred in the Canton of Valais and strongly tied to his roots. He knows the region and aviation like no other. He embarked on the adventure in 2000 with one single plane. His encounter with two energetic businessmen, who were just as passionate as him about aviation, led to the birth of Starjet Aviation in 2017.


The current Starjet Aviation fleet consists of seven Cessna jets. A team of seasoned pilots alternate to steer passengers through the sky, building with them, through time, a strong and ever discreet relationship.


Since 2019 the son of the Founder has joined the Starjet Aviation adventure. «A family history that perpetuates itself is a testament to the continuity and transmission of our values» says Nicolas Ducommun.